Hammock Black Net Super Light Super Strong


Hammock Black Net Super Light Super Strong

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Hammock Net Style Black Portable Sleeping Hang Net Bed Meshy Hammock

200 cm x 80 cm bed

Color: Black

Type: Small net

Material: High strength nylon rope

Maximum weight capacity: 120 kg

Hammock weight: 300 g

Whole Length: 7 feet, 86 inch, 2.20 meter

Spread Width: almost 5 feet, 59 inch, 1.50 meter

A hammock is not only suitable for camping, traveling, hiking and holiday use, but it is also becoming a trendy accessory to use at home.

Lightweight and convenient to carry or store, hammocks are the best spare beds that you can find.

Everybody enjoys relaxing on a hammock while listening to music or reading, especially during the summer, because nothing is better than laying back in your back yard during hot days.

Enjoy the sun or the cool breeze under the shade alone or with your friends if you also have hammocks available for them.

This hammock is very easy to fix to some hooks, or to tie to any tree or wall with a rope.

Package includes a carrying bag for your hammock.